Katie is a Birth and Postpartum Doula that believes starting and growing a family is a sensitive time, and she strives to nurture that experience for each family that seeks her assistance. After studying Early Childhood Development as a high school senior, Katie went on to explore her interest in child-rearing as a nanny for over 10 years. Her calling has taken her from childcare for parents, to caring for child and parents. Her purpose is to instill confidence in mothers and fathers, offering warmth and technique to the unique, natural art of birthing a family and caring for baby.

Not only does she offer personalized tools to meet a variety of needs before, during and after birth, she also offers respect, compassion and openness without judgement. A strong believer in open communication, Katie helps to relieve the confusion and loneliness that can accompany pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postnatal parenting. She received Birth Doula and Breastfeeding Support training from DONA International, Postpartum Doula training from Austin Baby Guru, and special training in perinatal mood disorders from Postpartum Health Alliance, where she also earned a scholarship. Even after certification, this passionate doula seeks out the most current and viable information to help women and their partners exercise their right to make informed parenting decisions.

Katie believes the entire birth experience — pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after — is a crucial part of becoming parents. She has experience supporting in-hospital, birthing center, and home births, and has assisted in the delivery of premature babies as well as multiples. She also offers support with breastfeeding, and is certified in the Rebozo. Using massage, counter pressure, visualization, and partner-to-partner support, this doula strives to nurture the family as a whole, and aims to help heal in the best environment possible. Katie continues her education to remain knowledgeable in all things birthing and parenting while serving families in Austin and the surrounding areas, and she is a member of the Central Texas Doula Association. She is thankful every day for all the support and encouragement from her mentors and CTDA in her doula endeavors.